Meet Caitlyn…

Caitlin came to us at County Treks in 2021 as part of the Short Breaks All In package on a Sunday at that time Caitlin was not attending school, having been diagnosed with autism was really struggling to find herself and understand herself. She was also non verbal! 

 Caitlin found herself in a transition school placement and between them and ourselves we managed to secure a place one day a week where Caitlin could really learn about the horses, educationally and also therapeutically.

Caitlin’s confidence and level of understanding excelled our expectations. She consistently wanted to achieve more and more. She was awarded a national certificate of recognition by the BHS for completing her Changing Lives booklet and starting her Bronze Challenge Awards.

Over the last 2 years she has flourished started attending school full time and completed her BHS Awards she is now verbal, absolutely in-love with horses, and has sat 9 GCSE’s in her final year next year at Bettws Lifehouse School Shrewsbury!! 
In September, Caitlyn will move on to college and we are so proud of her achievements. She has come a long way.