Meet George

George has been attending Country Treks twice a week to complete his BHS Exams and Awards. During this time he has completed in full the BHS Bronze and Silver Challenge Awards, he has also achieved his BHS Stage 1 Ride and Care, and his BHS Ride Safe. George has progressed in confidence to the point where he has won the Changing Lives award in recognition of his achievements. This is awarded by the Society of Master Saddlers in London for outstanding achievement.

George came to us having spent most of his adult life at home with his mother, he was nervous of new situations and struggled to interact with other people. Although he had a pony of his own at home, he had no equestrian qualifications what so ever, so it is all the more to be congratulated that he has not only achieved an excellent start to his BHS qualifications but also on a personal level he feels confident and comfortable to attend all day (every day if he could) and also volunteers 2 days a week.

In 2023, George has started his work in preparation for his BHS Stage 2 exams later on in the year and has really taken a shine and good understanding of what it takes to be a Trek Leader.

‘We don’t really know quite where to start when it comes to thanking you for the help you have given George over the past year. The difference in him since he started going to Country Treks on a regular basis has been amazing. And we have you to thank for enabling him to keep doing that. It has given him, and us, such a renewed sense of hope. The change in his confidence and ability to interact with people, the fact that he sees a future for himself working with horses. And, possibly more importantly, his capacity to shift that change of outlook into broader aspects of life.
Our hope is that his continued progress under Steph and he staff at Stottesdon will allow him to cope better with life outside this nurturing environment.’ Helen (Mum)