Our Academy

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy & Equine Facilitated Learning is one of the many things on offer at the academy as we recognise it isn’t always the riding that is the key.

Sometimes the pleasure of being around horses, bonding and connecting with a horse is a truly unique experience and we have a variety of creative sessions which can achieve specific outcomes when dealing with vulnerable young children and adults.
Our therapy sessions produce huge benefits for those with autism, anxiety, trauma, addiction, behaviour problems and learning difficulties.

Achievable Goals

We designed our sessions with achievable goals linked to the individual development- our team of staff will ensure a bespoke and appropriate session for each student. They will have certificates, rosettes, medals as bite sized methods of recognition for their progression during these sessions in a natural learning platform where we can integrate a Personal Development Qualification (PDQ) which sits on the National Framework. From Entry Level 3 to Levels 2 & 1 which at its highest level equates to a grade A/B at GCSE.

A Relaxed Environment

It is no coincidence that in this environment the participant relaxes and becomes receptive to teaching. Our sessions are fun and there is a real sense of belonging and being in a safe space and feeling secure which in turn improves their ability to learn and progress.

Nobody is pushed outside their comfort zone but if progression & excitement are required we are ready with our BHS certificates and superb schoolmaster horses and ponies to take them to the next level.

We have over 30 years of experience and top award winning BHS coaches- that crossed with our beautiful site and 30 acre nature reserve in the quiet Shropshire countryside both of which are absolutely crucial to the success of our programmes. And we mustn’t forget our wonderful horses who are also a vital part of our academy.

Tailor Made Courses

Our courses are bespoke to the needs of the individual. We work alongside young people who do not quite fit into mainstream school or college. For the younger students we are hoping to increase resilience and get them back into mainstream school, but for the older students we can offer an ideal stepping stone into preparation for adulthood.
Riding is not essential, but in our experience learning to ride a horse is always a significant draw and provides multiple benefits.

Our courses involve every aspect of horse care and stable management at varying levels. Each learner will be treated to a bespoke programme which fits their individual needs and ways of learning. This means we can cater for a wide variety of learning difficulties. The unique setting and tranquil environment of Country Treks often has a huge impact on the young people we work with.

A Huge Success

Meet Lenny… A student who arrived at our door having been removed out of mainstream school with behavioural difficulties. He was cheeky and popular with his peers, but unpopular with his teachers. But we quickly realised Lenny had a passion for horses, Country Treks had became a home to him and although joining us as a beginner, he was soon jumping good sized fences with style!  Lenny needed to be inspired… he was an asset to the yard, polite, friendly and just needed a chance to thrive.
A few years down the line after completing his Changing Lives Through Horses programme…. he set off to Northern Racing College to pursue a career in the racing industry. After successfully graduating he went on to receive 2 awards for best student rep (voted for by his peers) and then the positive attitude award voted for by his trainers!
What is he up to today? Lenny is now working full time in the racing industry and still finds time to come and visit us and the horses!