‘Country Treks Has Been Life Changing’

To say Country Treks has been life changing for Lily is an understatement.  Lily is autistic with PDA traits and has severe anxiety which has been prominent for the last 6 years. Prior to her placement, Lily was not attending school, barely leaving the house and had very poor mental health. She also has social anxiety and found it hard to interact with others. Through the nurturing, encouraging, supportive and caring staff and environment here, Lily has thrived. She now sees Country Treks as her safe space. Her confidence, independence and general well being has improved immensely. She has also made friends here and her social skills have vastly improved.
The staff understand Lily’s needs and really work hard to accommodate these needs. All of the staff both managerial, yard staff and coaches have all welcomed Lily with open arms and have given her the opportunities and tools she desperately needed to thrive outside her home. The CLTH has literally been that for Lily and us as a family and we will always be so very grateful.

‘Country Treks Has Been The Making Of Caitlin’

Caitlin started at County Treks in 2021 as part of the Short Breaks ‘All In’ package  run through Shropshire Council on a Sunday at that time Caitlin was not attending school, having been diagnosed with autism was really struggling to find herself and understand herself. She was also non verbal!

Caitlin found herself in a transition school placement and between them and the amazing Steph we managed to secure a place one day a week where Caitlin could really learn about the horses, educationally and also therapeutically. Over the last 2 years she has flourished started attending school full time and completed her Bronze BHS Award she is now verbal, absolutely in-love with horses, and due to sit 9 GCSE’s in her final year next year at Bettws Lifthouse School.

County Treks have truly been the making of Caitlin, they have supported her finding herself and becoming the amazing young lady she is. Thank you to all the team you truly are incredibly special.
H Woodhall

‘It Has Given Him And Us A New Sense Of Hope’

We don’t really know quite where to start when it comes to thanking you for the help you have given George over the past few years. The difference in him since he started going to Country Treks, Stottesdon on a regular basis has been amazing and we have you to thank for enabling him to keep doing that. It has given him, and us, such a renewed sense of hope. The change in his confidence and ability to interact with people, the fact that he sees a future for himself working with horses. And, possibly more importantly, his capacity to shift that change of outlook into broader aspects of life.

Our hope is that his continued progress under Steph and he staff at Stottesdon will allow him to cope better with life outside this nurturing environment.

‘She Has Found A New Love and Confidence’

Huge huge thanks for the amazing support you provided Rose with. Rose was so proud of her rosette, certificate and Riding Challenge book which she understands will record her continued progress and achievement.

Rose has gained tremendous confidence in the equestrian field since she has been coming to you. This has spilled over to her every day life, she is so so proud of her equestrian achievements and will confidently engage in conversation sharing the knowledge and skills she has been taught her so far. Words cannot adequately express our enormous thanks to you all. She has found a love and confidence for an activity she can truly shine and be successful in. As a family we are truly indebted to you all.

C Harris

‘They have pushed through barriers in a way a classroom setting couldn’t…’


“I wanted to take this chance to let you know what the package you have put together for our students has meant to them. We have watched them develop in confidence throughout the year, they don’t always find taking the risk to learn easy and the resilience they are gaining through the curriculum they receive on a Friday is enabling them to push through their barriers in a way a classroom setting could not expect to achieve.’- Nurture Learning

‘Country Treks has truly changed lives’


Country Treks is a fantastically welcoming place for absolutely everyone, from accomplished and experienced riders to those who struggle with life. They provide a home for Ludlow and District RDA as well as all their academy pupils.
Under the leadership of Steph Eddies Davies, Country Treks has helped underprivileged young people from care homes and also individuals with autism, anxiety and physical health issues- alongside those struggling with education and mainstream learning. Country Treks has truly changed lives, bringing them purpose and enjoyment and a future to look forward to. The team is professional, dedicated, and inclusive- taking a holistic approach and having a deep understanding of the importance of emotional well-being and the part that horses can play. They also work tirelessly to promote the programme, seeking out funding opportunities to support their young people. – The British Horse Society